How Richard Lorenzen Became a Top Digital Marketing Influencer

Published on September 25, 2017 by , in Entrepreneurs

Ever heard of Richard Lorenzen? He’s a remarkable member of today’s entrepreneurship community! This 20-something professional did not build his success by developing an app or software like most, he is the founder of a leading public relations firm in New York. As CEO and founder of Fifth Avenue Brands, Lorenzen runs his PR and digital marketing firm like an old-fashioned company built on trust and relationships, which he has applied to today’s digital age.

Richard Lorenzen’s Inspiring Story

Born in Long Island, New York to a journalist mother and a firefighting father, Lorenzen was homeschooled. His passion to achieve and his interest in entrepreneurship drove him to an online business venture when he was just 15. It’s only a decade later, and Richard Lorenzen has earned a coveted spot as one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Influencers of 2016 according to Entrepreneur Magazine!

Richard Lorenzen


Now 25 years old, Lorenzen has also been named a Top Millennial Influencer by LinkedIn and was named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 8 Entrepreneurs on Twitter. This year, Inc Magazine named him one of the top inspiring entrepreneurs to watch. What significant achievements! Not only has Richard Lorenzen succeeded as an entrepreneur, this mogul has also succeeded as a book author and speaker.

He now spends a significant part of his time speaking about entrepreneurship, and empowering young business owners. It’s no wonder his clients include New York hedge funds, influencers, Silicon Valley tech startups and national politicians!

Seize Opportunity Whenever It Presents Itself

But what exactly are the secrets to this brilliant entrepreneur’s success at such a young age? Is it because he’s lucky or because he’s smart? Neither of them! According to Lorenzen, “Even if an entrepreneur develops the most advanced level of skills in areas such as marketing and management, if they have not grown in the areas that make them the type of person that a successful entrepreneur is, success will often still elude them.”



Focus, discipline and good habits allow a person to boost the technical skills they have. This way, they’ll ultimately seize opportunity whenever it presents itself! This was the inspiration for his book Surge: Supercharge Your Life, Business & Legacy which was written for aspiring entrepreneurs. He introduces readers to the principles that he believes were pivotal to his own success.

Richard Lorenzen’s Must-Read Secrets to Success

Lorenzen’s must-read secrets to success in the digital marketing industry are summed up below. Perhaps now you, too, can apply these and work toward rewarding career!

  • Secret #1: Don’t Wait for the Right Idea! Implement one and test your concept.
  • Secret #2: Delegate – Early! Without delegation, you will burn out quickly. Delegating means an immediate rise in productivity and revenue.
  • Secret #3: Take Advice with a Grain of Salt! Consider the source and how credible they are on the subject. Then take it into consideration.
  • Secret #4: Be Consistent! Stick to a schedule and work on it.


learn to delegate


Last Thoughts

Are you launching a new business? Whether it’s a digital marketing firm or any other type of business, we hope Richard Lorenzen’s inspirational success story and expert tips help you thrive! With an overwhelming amount of startups registered every day, the competition is fierce for entrepreneurs…

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