5 Print Ideas to Promote International Literacy Day

Published on August 28, 2017 by , in Custom Printing, Special Ocassions

Nearly two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women, a statistic that has remained largely unchanged for the last 20 years, according to a United Nations Statistics Division report. Illiteracy in nearly all parts of the world has been linked to socio-economic issues like poverty, child labor, and gender inequality, among other matters.

In an effort to fight against illiteracy, UNESCO created International Literacy Day in 2000. Every year, International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8th. This day is meant to spread awareness about the importance of literacy to individuals, society, and communities.

Check out These 5 International Literacy Day Prints

This year’s theme is ‘Literacy in a digital world’. Digital technologies have changed the way we access information, work and even socialize. Literacy is fundamental to the successful integration of people from all backgrounds in the modern world.

International Literacy Day brings together governments, businesses, communities, teachers, volunteers and all who support this important cause. If you believe in the right to education for all, you want to encourage people to find a way to raise awareness for the world’s illiterate women, men, and children. Looking for some inspiration?

#1 Inspiring Quote Bookmarks

Whether you are a business owner, teacher or fundraiser, handing out bookmarks to your customers, students or supporters is a thoughtful way to make them feel fortunate for their ability to read and write while sparking their interest for helping illiterate people around the world and in their community access the help they need. Customize your own bookmarks by adding a quote that makes an impact on your recipients. Make sure to include your logo, goal or message to encourage people to act.

Here’s a short list of quotes you can use:

  1. ‘Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy’ – Barack Obama
  2. ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela
  3. ‘Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope’ – Kofi Annan.
  4. ‘Once you learn to read, you will be forever free’ – Frederick Douglass
  5. ‘Literacy could be the ladder out of poverty’ – Morgan Freeman
malala yousafzai


#2 Event Posters

Make International Literacy Day count! Organize an event at your restaurant, school or public library. Check out these ideas:

  • Book giving day
  • Tutor an adult or child who is learning to read
  • Beer for books
  • Spelling bee contest
  • Book donation
  • Reading out loud event
  • Host an author or community leader for a conference
  • Volunteer at your local community
  • Organize a race
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#3 CD Sleeves

According to KPCB. by 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic. There’s no doubt that using video is a highly effective technique to educate people of all age groups. So, why not create a video using current facts on literacy, global education statistics or volunteer abroad programs. Leave a message that resonates in your recipient’s minds. Order CD sleeves like these from 4OVER4 to reinforce your message and make your video even more memorable.

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#4 Custom Stickers  

Find compelling, encouraging or motivational messages to empower kids and adults to support and celebrate International Literacy Day. Add your message or artwork to your stickers and hand them out on September the 8th. Choose a unique design or shape to make them different from other print materials your recipients typically get.

literacy day stickers


#5 Personalized Buttons

From children to adults, everyone loves buttons especially when they’re meant to support a good cause. Feature your organization’s logo, a fact or artwork that’s worth showcasing on International Literacy Day. Encourage recipients to wear the buttons all day to start a conversation and educate others on this important topic.

literacy day buttons


Change People’s Minds by Celebrating International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day will be celebrated all around the world this coming September. Support the right to literacy around the world by customizing your own prints this year. We hope these clever ideas have inspired your creativity to help you celebrate in a unique way! Need a discount? Sign up at 4OVER4 and get 30% OFF your first order. It doesn’t get any better than that!