Nelson Mandela Day: 10 Tribute Posters You’ll Want to Print

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Nelson Mandela’s face is one of the most recognizable images around the world. Why? He spent three decades in prison for his political activism and became the first black president of South Africa in 1994. His presidency put an end to the apartheid and opened the door to democracy in his country. Mandela fought against poverty, discrimination, and racism. He also worked hard to expand health services, support education, and advocate for human rights.

Nelson Mandela Day commemorates the unforgettable contributions he gave to South Africa and the world. It is celebrated on his birthday, July 18th, as an effort to recognize the impact of Mandela’s values and his contribution to humanity.

Nelson Mandela Day


Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day: 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. He probably won more awards than anyone in history
  2. Mandela and Oliver Tambo created the first South African black-run law firm
  3. He used sports to bring the racially divided country together
  4. During his time in prison, he was able to have secret talks with F. W. de Klerk, the President of South Africa.
  5. He received honorary degrees from more than 50 universities worldwide

5 Nelson Mandela Day Print Tributes From the Web

Are you a Nelson Mandela admirer? You are not the only one! Designers and creative professionals around the world continue to find inspiration on his legacy. Take a look at these illustrations shared in honor of his outstanding contributions to our society and get inspired to create your own!

#1 Tribute to Nelson Mandela – Project by Ryan BronSolo

Ryan BronSolo


#2 Gone but Never Forgotten – Project by Simeon Elson

Simeon Elson


#3 Nelson Mandela: May You Rest in Peace – Project by Cuoran Kozz

Cuoran Kozz


#4 Born Glorious – Project by Amirkhan PathanAmirkhan Pathan

#5 Tribute to Nelson Mandela – Project by Olivia Jackson-Mee

Olivia Jackson-Mee



Print Your Favorite Nelson Mandela Artwork

Pay tribute to Madiba the legend by choosing one of the artworks featured above and print it with us. Celebrate by hanging a big canvas in your classroom, giving away custom bookmarks to your customers or sending postcards to your foundation’s donors.

Nelson Mandela Posters


Honor Mandela’s life-long commitment to human rights with your favorite art prints. Order the above-featured prints or make your own artwork to educate and inspire your students, clients and the community in general.

Mandela poster


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