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What a cool way to love a book – giving it some company while it waits for the reader. A bookmark has always been that for a book. Believed to date back to medieval times in the early 1500’s, when a disc made of a material called Vellum or leather was used to set aside a place on a page to return to. This was especially popular, at that time, for the writers or authors of books.

In Brunei, Ivory was used to mark the pages of scrolls or books. In the 1500’s in England, silk was used to mark papers or pages of articles read by the Queen herself. In later Centuries, the 17th, 18th, and up to the present, a narrow silk ribbon material is used. In many societies, women would teach their daughters how to sew materials together, embroidery, and use needlepoint patterns in order to make unique, one of a kind bookmarks.

Online printing offers a good variety of old and new in the way of bookmarks. With a variety available to the avid reader, there is no shortage of options to choose from. There are pictures that can be added to the bookmark. Printing companies can even put the title of any book desired, on a bookmark. Custom printingeven offers logos, sayings, meanings, rhymes, poems, music, even pictures of musical instruments can be placed on bookmarks. There are many samples and examples of bookmarks at printing companies like

Custom printing offers a way for people to express themselves through their own art and share it with customers and family alike. Either way, all of these examples of bookmarks are beautiful to make and distribute. Using online printing services like, a variety of these bookmarks, with a very reasonable rate, can be ordered and received in as little as two days.

Translucent hard plastic, sticks of wood, cotton, even fancy paper is used. The materials used in the past, in some cases, are still being utilized today. The reason being, they still work! They were designed or fashioned for the duty that fits them. The point is to keep pages or papers separated, and to be able to find one’s place again.

Moreover, bookmarks can be personalized using these same materials. Names, dates, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, first-born announcements, book titles, even a child’s first book is entitled to have their book marked. Today, bookmarks are as beautiful as they are functional, and are still desired. So, when in the need of printing bookmarks for your family or customers, go to the best online printing company on the web today: and you’ll see that we  have the best prices and materials and even more exciting printing products like business cards, posters, large format prints and much more.

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