Vintage Christmas Cards

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The first Christmas Card popped up in London in 1843. John Calcott Horsley created the first Christmas card which was petitioned by Henry Cole; neither of them would know the impact that they would cause!

The Christmas Card was created with lithography on stiff cardboard (5 1/8  X 3 ¼ inches) in dark sepia. The card itself was divided into a center with two side panels; one on each side. This Christmas Greeting Card was sold on the market for one shilling each; only 1,000 copies were made.

After this Christmas Card, the following year Christmas Card designs flourished- of course, these were referred to as picture-makers. But, it was not until Charles Goodall & Son took on the production of Christmas Cards that this truly became commercial. It was this firm (which also commissioned  Mssrs. Marcus Ward & Co.) that produced lithographic prints for the masses. He took on four designs by C.H. Bennet to be printed lithographically.

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