Last Minute Thanksgiving

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If you have absolutely nothing planned for Thanksgiving yet, not to worry! Here’s a quick planner for you to use as a guideline; it’ll seem like you’ve been planning for ages!


The Bird

Just because you haven’t defrosted the 30 pound turkey doesn’t mean that you have to chuck it out of your menu completely! You can get several fillets of turkey breasts and thighs and roast them or fry em’ up in a pan; or throw them into a barbie to get a smokey aroma.

Starchy Side

Potatoes and yams are an all time favorite sides- you must admit; they are just plain ol’ good! Now if you don’t have time to make them from scratch, you can always get a box of spuds and follow the directions on the box. Now to prevent your mashed potatoes from tasting like cardboard, you can add some ingredients to spruce it up: cheese, sour cream, fresh basil, fresh chives, etc. Make sure you make the appropriate liquid adjustments if you’re going to use sour cream.

Rolls and Buns

Making rolls and buns is quite time consuming, just pick some that have been freshly made from your local bread and bakery store. 10 minutes before you’re serving dinner, pop them in the oven and serve them nice and hot. Make sure they’re covered in tin foil before you put them in the oven; they’ll be rock hard if you don’t.

Vegetable Side

String beans are the easiest things to make, boil some salted water and put the string beans in for a few minutes; put some butter on it, and you are set. A salad Is also something that is simple and easy to make.


Thanksgiving Place Settings: Place settings are always a nice detail when you’re having people over for a meal. He

Thanksgiving Place Cards: Place Cards are an important detail when you’re having several people over, especially when some people just don’t get along. In these cases, you really don’t want them to set next to each other, unless of course, you are looking for an “eventful” thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces: You can go ahead and recreate a cornucopia, or you can go much more practical and place some candles and a simple bouquet of autumn

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  1. I’ve invited the whole family to ours this xmas for a big dinner, so the roast is pretty important! I found an archive of recipes at this roast recipe site, but cant seem to decide on anyone in particular – there’s too many to choose from! It’s fun planning such a big family dinner though!

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