Trees for Humanity

Published on October 4, 2010 by , in What's New

Many companies over the world are applying this new implementation of green printing. A new way of printing that will not only help to avoid the waste of resources but will also help companies have more effective print management strategies. Green printing is an effective way to print without contributing as much to global warming. Green Printing implies having printing companies that are certified, and certification implies that all the trees that are taken down are also certified. Although printing still involves taking down trees, by employing certified trees, parts of forested areas are conserved; as opposed to completely devastated.

Many companies are supporting these types of movements, we all know that we need to start from something; even a little living change can make a great and huge change over the planet. There’s a green initiative by (

You’d probably be wondering: how does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple, Show Your Support for “100,000 Trees for Humanity” by creating a hyper link, on that website we told you above Web, back to 4OVER4.COM and we will plant one tree for every back link! It’s that simple! Spread the word and tell your friends and together we can reach their goal and plant 100,000 trees!

Honestly, this is a great movement that this company is doing. Without any kind of reward, we are willing to plant up to 100,000 trees. We also think that this is a great way to pave the road and bring a conscientious to other printing companies who are not yet certified.