Custom Packing Tapes: Reasons for Printed Tape’s Popularity

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With the rise of the e-commerce industry, the popularity of the custom packing tapes has also increased in leaps and bounds. Not only do e-commerce companies need this, but also online brands, retail, manufacturing, events, conventions, trade shows, agencies, etc. can use this unique packing item to increase visibility.

There are numerous packages received and shipped each day. There are various companies that strive hard to make a place in the heart of their audience. Amidst the big giants, the small businesses try to find their foothold in the market.

Packing Tapes

Custom printed packing tapes are affordable and can help companies to make their products stand out easily. It is not always possible to invest big amounts in unique custom printed storage units or custom printing on corrugated boxes. With an array of custom packing tapes available in the market and a broad range of printed packaging tape uses, its popularity is growing undoubtedly.

Reasons to Choose Custom Packing Tapes

Cost-Effective Option than the Tailored Boxes

No need to flex your budget to create a unique brand identity. Choosing the custom printed and heavy-duty tapes over the tailored printed sealing boxes give you greater flexibility to stand out. Apart from storage and packages and other marketing efforts, if you just want a means of communication, the barricade tape is just what you are looking for.

Barricade Tape

Provide Clear Instruction and Secure Your Package with Custom Packing Tapes

You can add how to handle with protection printed instruction tape or tamper-evident seals to make sure your customer is happy and at peace. It also helps in reducing theft and ensures that both the customers and the employees handle the package with care to avert injuries.

One Solution for Two Challenges

Creating brand awareness and sealing your packages are two things that need your attention. Print your brand message or logo on the custom packing tape to help build more relationships. It helps to solve both sealing and brand awareness issues and secure your package and advertise your brand with one solution.

Custom Shipping Tapes Vs. Custom Packing Tapes

The custom packing tapes can stand by both extremes of cold and hot temperatures. It has long-lasting acrylic adhesives that can survive extreme temperatures. So if you are looking for long-term storage, opt for the custom printed packing tapes with more durability. Our range of packaging tapes can be custom printed as per your choice of colors and texts to make it an alluring package for your customers.

In contrast, the shipping tapes are primarily used for mailing or shipping consignments. As the package goes through rough handling at several touchpoints, the shipping tapes are the best ones to choose for the moving-boxes. A powerful adhesive tape to seal is used in shipping tapes to hold the box and its contents undamaged.

Printed Packing Tape

Why Printed Custom Packing Tapes is the Best Choice?

There are various types of tapes like masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, paper tape, etc. but the custom printed adhesive tape is one of the most widely used options. If you read our earlier article, “7 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Packaging Tapes” you may have seen that the custom printed packing tape is a better option than any standard packaging tape. Why are the printed tapes a better option?

It is a pressure-sensitive tape with natural-synthetic adhesive and is available in various flexibility strengths. It adheres to a range of surfaces and can be inches wide or as per your requirement. The prints and fonts may be tailored and designed on the printed packing tape from an assortment of inks. If you are looking for great quality and range, 4OVER4.COM can offer you with an amazing range and collection. We use vegetable-based (soy) inks that have low VOC emissions and offer remarkable paper stocks. Our green printing technology makes us stand out from the rest.

The custom printed tape serves as –

  • Safety tapes
  • Marketing and branding tools
  • Roll Labels indicators
  • Company logos
Roll Labels

The commonly used material variation for backing includes polypropylene, polyesters, PVC, non-reinforced and reinforced, cloth materials, and gummy tape. The adhesive materials are usually hot melts, natural rubber, and acrylics. These adhesive tapes are used for both indoor and outdoor.

Custom Packing Tapes Printing with 4OVER4.COM

The printed custom packing tapes help in defining the product value. Although there are various other options of customizing your packaging, the custom packing tapes are the best options to highlight your brand and create awareness. The popularity of the printed custom packing tapes is increasing and 4OVER4.COM offers a great range in terms of color, fonts, and quality. Get your custom printed packing tapes online to secure your package I the best affordable ways.

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