The Earth’s Forests Are Under Assault

The Earth’s forests are under assault on a tremendous scale with approximately 30,000 SQUARE MILES (thirty thousand) disappearing each year. (An area almost the size of South Carolina gone each year).

It is estimated that all the Earth’s rain forests could be gone within 100 years at the current rate of deforestation resulting in habitat loss for millions of species.

Unmanaged deforestation:

  • Threatens the survival of millions of animal and plant species
  • Destroys rare species that may contain answers for cures to serious diseases
  • Threatens climate stability
  • Contributes to global warming and green house gas emission.
  • Leads to desert lands that emerge from cleared forests
  • Leads to soil erosion, landslides and flooding threatening communities and the lives of people near deforested regions
  • Threatens humanity in countless ways including food supply, water supply, and disease.

The solution is a systematic effort of RE-Forestation. That means replacing what is being taken away. 100,000 Trees For Humanity is our initiative to help replace what is being taken away.

Simply put, 100,000 Trees for Humanity” is a commitment by 4OVER4.COM to plant 100,000 trees

Show Your Support for “100,000 Trees For Humanity” by creating a hyper link on the Web back to 4OVER4.COM and we will plant one tree for every hyper link back to us! It’s that simple! Spread the word and tell your friends and together we can reach this goal and plant 100,000 trees!

The hyper link that you create should link to:
And should be a permanent link to show support for the cause (links that are eliminated in a few days or weeks won’t help!)

You can create a link back to from your Facebook account, from your blog, from forums that you think are helpful, or even better from your website.

Once you have created your link, notify us by posting the link as a reply to this blog post below. Once we have confirmed that the link is real it will qualify for another tree to get planted. Be creative with your links!

4OVER4.COM is an online printing firm that practices GREEN PRINTING. They have recently announced their “100,000 Trees for Humanity” initiative which is their commitment to plant 100,000 trees. Please spread the word. One tree will be planted for every link back to I am showing my support by creating this link to
Find out more at http://TREES.4OVER4.COM

Do we really want to stop at 100,000?

Our real goal is to implement a permanent practice of tree planting as a matter of company policy. We hope this will serve as a NEW model of environmentally sustainable business practices for the printing industry. We are happy to take this first step!

What other practices does follow as a

Though our industry produces many useful products it is also a large consumer of natural resources. It is also true that historically many firms in our industry have operated in ways that are ecologically unsustainable and unfriendly to the environment.

Here at 4OVER4.COM our commitment to the environment is paramount to our values and is demonstrated by our adoption of a Comprehensive set of GREEN PRINTING practices. We are as GREEN as a printer can be. Click here to learn about our GREEN PRINTING PRACTICES

4OVER4.COM is Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC)

In addition, 4OVER4.COM is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC, an international, non-profit, membership-based organization, is the global and national leader in the independent certification of forests managed to exemplary standards covering environmental, social and economic issues. Forest certification enables consumers to make informed choices when selecting paper, wood and other forest products. The FSC Principles and Criteria are the only internationally-valid standards for responsible forest manageme

Now let’s go and spread the word about 100,000 Trees For Humanity. Together we’ll set a new example and get 100,000 New trees planted!

Please email us with questions at support@4OVER4.COM